Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experiment #2: No Shampoo - FAIL

Last week, I endeavored to embark on a journey to a shampoo-less way of living. This week (actually on the past weekend), I surrender to defeat. I cannot give up my shampoo-ing ways. At least, not right now.

I know the first few weeks were going to be tough, and I really thought I could tough it out. But I couldn't. I like the fluffy feel of hair that I have only known to be achievable with shampoo. I swear, I was nuzzling my hair after I gave it a good wash.

However, I have decided to take some baby steps to improving my interactions with shampoo chemicals. I will carefully look at the label before I buy, and will only buy shampoo and conditioner without harsh chemicals. I may or maybe be able to wash my hair every other day (and tie it up on the off days) depending on how my hair cut tomorrow turns out.

Oh yes, I am getting a hair cut tomorrow. I feel it is time for a change. I'm feeling the bob with front layers longer than the back. Will consult with my stylist tomorrow to make sure that it will be minimal maintenance and suitable for my hair type. Wish me luck!

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