Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Minimizing my Toilietries

I'm on a mission to try to minimalize my lifestyle. It's not that I have a huge amount of stuff, it's just that I think I make can do with a lot less. And with less stuff, there is less to replenish. Through this, I hope to lead a happier and simpler lifestyle.

Here are the major items in my washroom, and my goals in the near future.

1) Hair products
Current stash: shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair wax, hair silkener, scalp serum for oily hair

Goal: baby shampoo and olive oil for conditioning

Reason: I've been using very little shampoo for the past few months, and find that my hair is falling out less and shiny. I think that by putting less products in my hair, it will be healthier for it. Also better on the wallet.

2) Face products
Current stash: SpectroJel cleanser, Marcelle cleanser (with makeup remover), Yves Rocher eye cream

Goal: SpectroJel, homemade make up remove, Vaseline

Reason: I use the Marcelle cleanser to remove my make up from the day, but if I use my homemade make up remover to clean my face before the cleanser, I won't need two different cleansers. Vaseline is also moisturizing without clogging pores. And cheap!

3) Cleaning products
Current stash: Vim bleach, Windex spray cleaner

Goal: Replace the products with baking soda, vinegar and water concoctions.

Reason: I don't need to use such harsh chemicals for weekly cleaning. It's also not good to keep breathing in such harsh fumes in my apartment. And it will be cheaper!

As a side note, I really stocked up on my hair and bath products more than a year ago, when PharmaPlus had a big sale. I still have one and half bottle of shampoo and conditioner left, and two bottles of Vim. So this will be a gradual phasing out of the above mentioned products. Wish me luck!

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