Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frugal Experiment #1: Make up Remover

If you are a girl, then likely you wear some kind of make up.

Unless you are blessed with super soft, and awesome skin, you have to take care of it to ensure if looks and feels clean and healthy. One of the most important things I've discovered about skin care is proper make up removal in your daily skin regiment.

It is important to know that cleansing and make up removal are two seperate actions in the skin regiment. Some cleansers claim to also act as a make up remover. If you do have a cleanser that also removes make up, you can do it in one shot. Just know that not all cleansers remove make up.

In my past experience, I have found that most make up removers - esspecially eye make up removers, are really oily. Yuck. (Hence I stopped wearing mascara and just save that for special occasions.) Not to mention that they can be pretty expensive, ranging from $10 - $25+, depending on which brand and where you buy them.

I tried Frugal Dreamer's recipe a few nights ago, and it works like a charm! I have been using it every night since then, and will incorporate it into my night time routine. With this, I can stop buying my usual cleanser which also contains make up remover.

I mixed 2 squirts of baby shampoo (no tears!), with 1 squirt of baby oil, and filled up the 50mL ontainer about 2/3 full of water, then mixed by shaking. With a couple squirts on a cotton pad, I wipe my face, and can see all my make up removed. It didn't feel oily on my skin at all, and it smelled really relaxing.

On a side note, I don't wear really heavy make up, so you might need to adjust the recipe according to your needs. On any given day, I would dust blotting powder all over my face, smudge on some brow definer (I have very light eye brows - it comes with being Asian!), eye shadow and eyeliner.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Any eco-friendly and frugal make up tips you would like to share???

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  1. I am so glad that it worked for you!! :)